Men's Long Hair Styles

Most men with long hair wear it in a pony tail or loose. There is no reason we need to be restricted to this very small set of styles. This page will explore various long hair styles for men as well as related issues.

One simple style I really like is a four strand rope. It is not simply a ponytail and not just a braid either. To create a four strand rope, first learn how to do a regular four strand braid. This is done just like a three strand braid, but with four strands. Once you've mastered a four strand braid, you can learn a simple modification to turn it into a rope. As you braid, every time you complete a row, take the two end strands and switch them with each other, making sure the crossing pattern is alternating.

Another style that looks really good on men, but that will probably require the assistance of an expert braider to create is a five strand French braid. I have had this done a couple times to my own hair, with very nice results. Here are a few styles that have been sent in to me so far.

If you have any descriptions of long hair styles for men, or if you have images illustrating men's long hair styles, please contact me so I can include them on this page.

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