The Men's Long Hair Site

The current conventional norm is for men to wear their hair short. Women, on the other hand, can wear their hair at any length. This site is dedicated to those men who take the effort to maintain their long hair, for themselves, or for others. In these pages, various styles will be described, illustrated, and discussed. People will argue on both sides of the fence over whether men should grow their hair long.

Besides scalp hair, beard and moustache styles will be featured. There will be a section where various products will be reviewed as well.

As I update the site, I will put a last updated date before each link. If you have any comments of suggestions, please send them to Victor Engel.

Men's Long Hair Hyperboard This is a forum for discussing any issues related to long hair on men.

1997.06.19 Hair Links This page has links to other long hair-related sites.

1999.11.12 This Month's Samson Every month, a long haired man will be featured on this page. Don't link this page directly. The URL will change each time.

2001.06.23 Images Your submissions will be showcased here. This month I have created a zip file of all images in the current gallery.

1997.06.19 Longest Hair A listing of the very longest hair to be found on men will be included here.

1997.05.13 Styles Various hair styles are described and illustrated.

1999.06.25 Longhair Chat (will load in a separate window).

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