This graph shows a comparison between actual moon data and the reckoned data calculated using a fumocy accumulator system. Each raster represents a new moon. The mean new moon time is in the center of the raster (or close to it). It is not shown, because it is simply a straight line going down the page. The red dots represent the difference between the actual data and the mean moon. For the purpose of this illustration, the mean moon is calculated as lunation number * (29 26/49) + adjustment (see following). The green dots represent the difference between the reckoned values and the mean moon. The yellow dots are where the actual and reckoned moon values intersect.

Each pixel horizontally, represents 1/49 day.

An adjustment of 1/49 day periodically must be made to the calculations. This is represented in this graph by the red margin on the left. Placing the red margin effectively shifts the graph over by 1/49 day.

The start of each fumocy is marked with a grey line.

Each skipped month is marked with a light grey line.

The same information is also available organized by every 767 lunations or as a conveniently sized image suitable for a Windows wallpaper (1024 by 768).