Karl's Fun Calendars

Here are some fun calendars, I sent to CALNDR-L.

Zyxut Calendar

Dear Calendar People

A fun calendar that tells something about the Gregorian/Julian Calendar:

The year is divided into 16 zyxuts. Each zyxut has 23 days, 
except the first zyxut, which has 20 days in a common year 
and 21 in a leap year.

Below are listed the 16 zyxuts and their start dates:

Avis       1 Feb
Banglis   21/22 Feb
Cozmotis  16 Mar
Duperis    8 Apr

Eve        1 May
Fangle    24 May
Gozmote   16 June
Hupere     9 July

Ivan       1 Aug
Langlan   24 Aug
Mozmotan  16 Sept
Nuperan    9 Oct

Ovid       1 Nov
Panglid   24 Nov
Rozmotid  17 Dec
Superid    9 Jan

Happy zyxut new year!

Karl Palmen

Greenday  big F

Night 15 Month 11 Yerm 2

Frog Calendar

Dear Calendar People

A fun calendar for leapday:

This calendar uses an uninterrupted 11-day cycle called a frog.
Each year is divided into four quarters:

Quarter-year   Number of Frogs
Northward Sun    8
Northern Sun     9
Southward Sun    8
Southern Sun     8 or 9

The Southern Sun quarter normally has 8 frogs, 
but in years ending in 2 or 6 or divisible by 260, 
the Southern Sun quarter has an extra frog called a leap frog. 
This gives a mean year of 365.2423076923... days.

Good Croaking!

Karl Palmen


Day 2 Frog 3 Northward Sun 1